"The Sport" Jessy Jones is a Canadian professional wrestler and manager currently based in Hamilton, ON.  He has been in professional wrestling for 11 years, having made his debut on September 23, 2000.

Jessy was trained by Sid Summers, Waldo Von Erich, and Smith Hart.  He takes great pride in his "old school" training, and places great emphasis on respect for the business.

Jessy also successfully trains aspiring managers.

Jessy is billed as hailing from the Isle of Sportopia, and weighing in at a very sporting weight. 


Jessy has managed an impressive list of clients, totaling more than 50 wrestlers and tag teams over his 11 years in wrestling.  His stable of wrestlers is collectively known as The Sports Generation. 

All of the wrestlers he has managed have found more success after taking Jessy on as a manager.  Many have won fact, in his wrestling career he has held more than 100 championships in his hands either as manager or wrestler.

Jessy was voted Ontario Independent Wrestling Manager of the Year five consecutive years, from 2005-2009.  As of this writing, Jessy is currently managing Mr. Atlantis in TCW.  On August 14, 2011, in Kitchener, Jessy offered to manage Atlantis, who graciously accepted.  Jessy also formed a version of the Sports Generation in OCW in Kingston, which was formed on July 23, 2011, and consists of Jessy, Dee Liscious, Crypt Rick, and the S. G. Media Director.

Wrestlers Managed:

21st Century Fox
Andrew Davis
Ashley Vieghda
Blackjack Phoenix
The Beverly Hills Ganstas.
Completely Cody Steele
Cade Von Dutch
Chris White
Danny Magnum
Eddie Osbourne
Eric Everlast
Elian Habanero
Gordon Gustav (Minister of Foreign Affairs)
Jacque Lebarduex
Jake O‘Reilly
Jan Reno
Jaqui Jones (wife)
Killer Kumpf
Krystal Banks
Kwan Chang
Brodie Lee
Hailey Rogers
Jayson Chambers
Josh Alexander
Logan Savage
Lucha Butler (Assistant & Tag Partner)
Lucha Sport
Mercie Jones
Paul Veriser
Paul Wright (Personal Assistant)
Prince Of Power
Quebec Mauler
Ron Falco
Ruffy Silverstein
Reggie Marley
Shawn Brown
Shawn Spears
Scott Chase
Tyson Dux
Tyler Tirva
Tommy Ryder
Zakk Atticus
Mike Rollins
PD Skillz
Phil Atlas
Sebastian Suave
Selezia Sparx
Moondog Buddy
Nick Kage

Jessy considers himself a manager first, and wrestler second.  He transitioned into wrestling in order to diversify his work in wrestling as the business trended away from manager characters.



In his 13 years in wrestling, Jessy has wrestled too many matches to count.  He has won numerous championships.

Jessy lists as his favourite matches his series of matches with Elian Habanaro, as well as the day he earned the right to be called The History Maker...

On April 30th, 2006, two promotions ran shows in the Ontario area, Pro Wrestling Xtreme in Tilsonberg, and Pure Wrestling Association/GLCW in Brantford, only mere minutes apart. Jessy Jones was an active member of both rosters, and had been a champion before. The day began with PWX, where Jason Chambers was the current X Division Champion (a title Jessy had previously held) but had just lost the title to former ally Buck 10; who took the opportunity to win the title due to the 24/7 stipulation put in place that night. Buck's luck would run very short, and in the following match Buck 10 lost the X Title to "Wild Thing" Willy Allen, whose title reign would be just as short.

Briefly afterwards in the backstage area, there were sounds of a struggle, a big bang, and a 3 count, as Jessy walked down the ramp.  He had take advantage of the 24/7 stipulation and defeated Willy Allen to become the new X Division Champion.  It was his 2nd reign, a feat no one in PWX had achieved before. Jessy's celebration was quickly interrupted by challenger Manhattan, and after a brief contest Jessy pinned Manhattan for the 3 count to retain his new title.  Jessy then told the crowd that he had already been the X Division Champion, and had no need for the championship because he had bigger ideas in mind for Tilsonberg; so he dropped the X Division title and walked out of the arena, shocking the crowd.

The scene then switched to Brantford, Ontario, less than an hour later.

The PWA/GLCW turf war was in high gear as we approached the Lucky 7 internet title match.  All competitors came down to the ring including Sports Generation members Eddie Osbourne, and Jessy's own "pet", Elian Habanaro. Jessy came to ringside and demanded that Elian get off the apron and get to the back, because Jessy was taking his spot in the match. PWA Owner Joey Halem didn't see eye to eye with Jessy and refused to grant his request. With a little persuasion from Paul Wright, Joe quickly changed his mind and added Jessy to the match making it an 8 Way match for the Internet Title.

After a grueling match, Jessy's master plan came into effect. Internet Champion Hayden Avery was about to win the match, but GLCW member Flexx Falcone came down to ringside and handcuffed Hayden to the ring post, keeping him from participating in the match.  Jessy Jones called Eddie Osbourne to fall down and pinned his Sports Generation partner to regain the title. Hayden Avery, extremely angry at the events took his frustration out on Buck 10 with an Avery Driver, but the Sports Generation reveled in the result, and regained the Internet Title for Jones.

Jessy suffered a major knee injury in May of 2011, but has since resumed wrestling.  He is currently the EWLS Extreme Champion, a title he has held for well more than a year.  He most recently has defended the title against Ethan Page twice, and Justin Sane once.  He continues to wrestle all throughout Ontario and beyond.



Jessy Jones' official ring introduction is as follows:

He is...
The King Of Canada,
The Founder of Sportopia,
The CEO of The Jones Omni Sport Corporation,
The Leader Of The Sports Generation,
Owner of Total Sports Empire,
Has held in his hands more then 100 Wrestling Championships,
The 5 time award winning best Manager,
One Half Of Guilty by Association,
He is the Sport Father,
The 2nd Dirtiest Player in the game - Only because Ric Flair is still alive,
A 4 time PWA Internet Champion,
A former PWA Tag team Champion,
A former PWX Pro Champion,
A 2 time X Division Champion,
One Half Of Money and Power,
The ONLY man to win 2 major titles in two federations within hours of each other earning him the moniker "The History Maker",
One of the Most Photographed men on,
The Man that believes that your home town should be used as a nuclear testing site.,
The Sport,
"Sexi" Jessy Jones!

Due to its length, the introduction is often shortened by ring announcers to include some of the more important points. 



All Canadian Wrestling
Big Time Wrestling (Welland)
Buffalo Championship Wrestling
Canadian Wrestling Revolution
Canadian Wrestling Entertainment (formerly CIWA)
Canadian Grand Prix Wrestling
Deathproof Wrestling
Distinctive Modern Wrestling
Figure Four Wrestling
Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling
Federation Lutte Quebec
Great Canadian Wrestling
Great Lakes Championship Wrestling
GCW New Skool
Ontario Championship Wrestling
Ontario Pro Wrestling
High Voltage Wrestling         
The League
Live Pro Wrestling
Living Legends Wrestling
Living Legends Wrestling Academy
Mecca Pro Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
New School Wrestling
New Vision Pro Wrestling
Old School Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Xtreme
Pure Adrenaline Pro
Pure Wrestling Association
PWA Niagara
Ring N Ears
Ring Wars
Rough Wrestling Inc.
The Union



Jessy makes no bones about what the future holds for him.  He intends to rebuild the Sports Generation into the dominant force which won him five consecutive Manager of the Year awards.  He also plans to wrestle for as long as his injured knee will allow.

Beyond his wrestling and managing career, Jessy also has plans to get into promoting wrestling events, and transition more into the business end of the industry he loves.